Letter: Concealed carry public in Delaware

Letter: Concealed carry public in Delaware

September 18, 2014 7:30 pm

Dear Editor:

In a letter to the editor (“Draw the line on concealed carry names,” The Sentinel, Sept. 10), Brian Smith states, “You claim that the public has the right to know who has character worthy of having a concealed carry permit, and likewise who has failed to measure up. What exactly do you think the ‘public’ should do with this information?”

He goes on to state “the bottom line is that there are limits to the public’s right to know, just as there are limits to civil rights.”

I’d like to pass along some information to Mr. Smith — don’t ever move to Delaware and apply for a concealed carry permit. One of the requirements for obtaining a carry permit in Delaware follows:

“Publication of your intent: You must publish your full name, your home address and indicate your intent to make application for a Delaware CCDW in a newspaper, published in your county, that has a circulation of at least 35 percent of the population in your ZIP code. Check your local newspapers if they meet this qualification — prices for a legal notice can run from $15-$75 depending on the publication. The notice must run at least 10 days before you file your application and the newspaper will send you a notarized letter that your ad was run.”

It would be interesting to check with Delaware authorities to determine the intent of this requirement to obtain a carry permit. Apparently, in Delaware the public does have the right to know.

William Walsh

Hampden Township

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1 Response to Letter: Concealed carry public in Delaware

  1. RealDefense says:

    Imagine the s**t storm that would ensue if someone on the Right suggested the same for abortion…

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