WVCDL-ALERT Action Alert May 24, 2014

Astonishing and Bizarre Mayor

West Virginian gun owners, and members of the WVCDL, you’ve once again made state history. According to our research, including that of our attorneys, never before in the history of our state has a city sued its own citizens. Yet, this is exactly what Charleston Mayor Danny Jones has done. He has named the WVCDL as a defendant in an amended complaint for their bizarre declaratory action request. From a limited search of such cases, it’s possible this may be the first time this has happened in US history.

The WVCDL is made up of members statewide, including many who live in the City of Charleston.

If anyone was curious before about just how far the City of Charleston is off the rails, let there be no more question. I half suspect the mayor is, as we speak, gathering an army of evil flying monkeys to prepare for the recovery of ruby red slippers. It makes just exactly as much sense as a city suing its own citizens in civil court.

The Mayor’s own words from not too long ago:
“They’re a fringe group.”
” These people have no power.”
“I’ll get you my pretty.”

Ok. You caught me. The last quote was the wicked witch, not Danny Jones.

Keith Morgan


West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

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