WVCDL-ALERT Update August 21, 2013

West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
PO Box 11371 | Charleston, WV 25339-1371

Defending Your Right to Defend Yourself

August 21, 2013


The WVCDL, and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey are pleased to announce that in the past month, West Virginia has added four more states where you may carry (subject to restrictions of the various state’s laws) concealed on your West Virginia permit.

Added recently:

* Alabama now recognizes West Virginia permits, but we do not yet have a formal reciprocity agreement in place.

The reciprocity map that you should consider authoritative can be viewed here. This brings the number of states recognizing our permits to a total of 35. And with the addition of Georgia, West Virginians can now carry all the way down the I-95 Corridor to the tip of Florida. The WVCDL has long sought reciprocity with Georgia. Thanks to Senator John Unger’s (D-Berkeley) bill last session (SB369) we finally had the legal ability to enter into that agreement.

This is good news.

The WVCDL applauds Attorney General Morrisey’s efforts in supporting our right to bear arms.
Possible Senate Cooperation
Thanks to member Todd Ruthers, last month we sat down with Senate President Jeff Kessler to discuss our agenda and priorities. Last session, Senator Kessler would not even return our calls. However, this session, largely in part to your efforts, the Senator has come to understand that ignoring the will of West Virginians, and in particular, voting members of District 2 is probably not the best plan. The Senator has agreed to work with us on our agenda. It should be noted that the details of that cooperation have yet to be sorted out. It would be unfair for us to expect the Senator to agree, for example, to helping us move a bill he has not seen. We consider his current position to be fair. The next session will tell the true tale.

The WVCDL is in the process of crafting bills for the next session. We are currently optimistic, as we have worked with Delegate Tim Miley (the new Speaker of the House) in the past, and hopefully by working with both houses, we can continue these relationships and continue the recovery of our Second Amendment rights in West Virginia.

This is good news.
Senator Elmer Fudd (Manchin)
Senator Fudd (he only needs twee buwwets in his gun) will be in Charleston, WV on October 12th. With him will be anti-gun Senator Rockefeller and Vice President “Shotgun Joe” Biden, who suggested that one simply fire rounds from a shotgun over an attacker’s head to scare him away.

Please take this opportunity to join us at the corner of Civic Center Drive and Quarrier Street in Charleston from 5PM to 8PM, and tell Senator Fudd and Shotgun Joe just exactly how much we appreciate their attempts to take away our rights.

Feel free to be creative with those Senator Elmer Fudd signs.
Sheriff’s / Lawsuits
Thanks to the generosity of WVCDL members and supporters, we have sufficient funding for beginning legal action against various sheriffs who are adding their own requirements for the issuance of Concealed Pistol Permits. Further, we have secured good counsel for the cases, and are nearly ready to sue. We will update more on this as things move. However, don’t expect immediate action, as the legal system takes time to move. But we are moving.

In addition to this, we have been in communication with the Sheriff’s Association, and are attempting, where possible, to resolve this issue in as many counties as possible without having to resort to legal action. Stay tuned for updates.

Food for Thought
(This will be a running footnote for a while)

I have personal friends in Colorado who five years ago, would never have believed draconian gun bans could ever happen to them.

Think about that.

Keith Morgan


West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. | PO Box 11371 | Charleston | WV | 25339

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