How Anti-Gun Media Plans to Smother Your Rights…”

By Tim Schmidt
USCCA Founder

Just when I was unsure whether or not the media could stoop any lower than ground level, they outdid themselves again.

The San Francisco Gate ran a story this week about the two Boston bombing suspects that made my stomach turn. The victims, their families, and this nation are still grieving over what happened in Boston this month, and yet there are publications like the SF Gate that are jumping on the opportunity to “never waste a good crisis.”

The authors of the article in question have turned the Boston bombing into an opportunity to lobby against gun rights. Taken directly from the article:

Local and federal law enforcement officials either don’t know or aren’t yet saying how Tsarnaev and his brother, accused of bombing the Boston Marathon, obtained the guns they later used to kill a university police officer and critically injure a mass-transit officer. They didn’t apply for Massachusetts gun permits, as required by state law.

“I don’t know where they got the guns, that’s a good question,” Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, told reporters in a briefing yesterday. “Where did they get the bombs? Apparently these folks had a small munitions factory,” said Graham.

The article goes on to speculate that the Boston bombing is yet another reason we need stricter gun control if we’re ever going to solve the problem of violence.

What we see here is a classic example of fact spinning. They want you to believe that these terrorists walked into a gun shop and bought guns from a dealer without being prevented. They want to blame someone because the brothers had guns. They want to blame you, the legal gun owner. What they fail to see is the logical argument that they actually present in the above quote that proves our beliefs entirely. The Senator wanted to know “where they got the bombs.” The fact is making bombs is ILLEGAL. And on top of that, a person can’t buy a destructive explosive like they made. But did that stop them from making the bombs?

The reality is that a terrorist, or any other criminal for that matter, is not going to follow the law and obtain a gun legally. It is foolishness to penalize the law-abiding citizens of our nation for the acts of terrorists and psychos. In effect, these liberal ideas will lead to more violence. Murderers will always find a way to inflict the most amount of pain and damage they can. No law will stop it, but new laws that prohibit citizens from protecting themselves may increase it to an unimaginable level.

I am not sure whether to laugh at the stupidity of the anti-gun rhetoric or to be worried that people are swallowing their lies and spin without thinking twice. In the end, it’s up to you and me to stand for truth. Our government was meant to be by the people, for the people. Don’t let those who stand against your convictions decide your fate.

Take care and stay safe,
USCCA Founder

Tim Schmidt
Publisher – Concealed Carry Report

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