Jefferson County Commission May Support Stricter Gun Control

Jefferson County Commission May Support Stricter Gun Control

By: Dana Chicklas
Updated: April 3, 2013

JEFFERSON COUNTY, WV – Jefferson County Commissioners are voting on stricter gun control measures based off of a local Quaker group’s proposal.
The message begins by quoting the Ten Commandments, supporting peaceful conflict resolution.

“It basically sets a position that the County Commission, if passed by a majority vote, would take on issues on high capacity clips, assault rifles and background checks,” says Dale Manuel, Jefferson County Commission president.

If passed, the Jefferson County Commission would issue this as a message to state and federal legislators to oppose assault rifles and high-capacity clips holding 10 or more shells, and support universal background checks.

Commission president, Dale Manuel, says he’s in favor.

“I taught sixth grade in Jefferson County for 32 years and I would be opposed to allow individuals to bring handguns on to playing fields when we have children playing soccer, football, little league or any other activity,” says Manuel.

While this resolution is new territory for the Commission, the public is watching closely.

“If you want a gun you should be able to have a gun. There should be limits set on ages, limits set on being trained on how to used a gun,” says Kim Bair, a local resident.

Some local residents who own guns say they support stricter regulation.

“I was brought up in a family of hunters and we never had guns like that. It seems that all these killings all result in these powerful guns, and I don’t think they should be sold,” says Bair.

Manuel says the Commission is also working to obtain funds for local mental health facilities and take care of drug abuse issues.

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