WVCDL-ALERT Update March 26, 2013

Senator Kessler Stands against His People

Senator Kessler has betrayed his constituents. He’s made his position known in the media. He stands against you. I know people in Senate District 2. These are people who believe in the right to bear arms. Kessler has ridden years of apathy in his district. That apathy ends now.

The WVCDL is planning a protest in his district. So keep your calendars clear for April 6th.

But it can not, and will not end there. It can not, and will not end with this session. We have to dig in for the long haul.

The House of Delegates passed HB2760 with full knowledge that the three Senators who could stand against the bill are not up for re-election until 2016. They believe they have three years to “recover their creds” as pro-gun. They believe the citizens of their districts have the memory of goldfish. They believe you’re too apathetic to remember. They insult you by banking on your apathy, and Jeff Kessler is responsible.

WVCDL, we are looking for people who are truly willing to fight the fight. We are looking for members who are willing to dig in and make a long term commitment. Senator Kessler believes you have three years to forget. The reality is that we have three years to educate his district that he stands against the Second Amendment. His NRA rating will not protect him from such an effort. We need you. And we need you for the long haul. We need a three year commitment.

Reply to this email if you’re willing to spend the next three years working with me in Senate District 2.

(304) 357-7801

Keith Morgan


West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

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