WVCDL-ALERT Call to Action! March 12, 2013


West Virginians, The senate and the media stands against you on preemption!

Daily Mail article
Gazette article
Journal News article

All three newspapers ran statements from the opposition prominently, and not one argument in favor of the bill. Further, in the daily mail article, Senators Palumbo, Snyder, and Hall made statements against the bill and against your rights.

This, West Virginia, is how you are being treated by the people who elected you. There is overwhelming statewide support for this bill. The house passed it 94-4. And these few, in key positions of power, stand against you backed by an anti-gun media.

If you want to change this, you are going to have to get active.

You MUST call:

Senator Snyder: (304) 357-7957
Senator Palumbo: (304) 357-7880
Senator Hall: (304) 357-7901
Senator Jeff Kessler: (304) 357-7801

You cannot stop there. You have to share this with everyone you know. Convince them to call too! If you don’t want your city or county to enact some perfectly legal draconian gun controls following Charleston and Martinsburg’s leads, you need to pick up the phone. Share it with other pro-gun and pro-liberty groups, and anyone who will listen.

And soon, you may need to hit the streets with us. At least the weather’s improving for that!

Keith Morgan


West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

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