WVCDL-ALERT Call to Action March 22, 2013

Tomorrow is the Day

Who stands against your rights and HB2760?

Mayor Danny Jones, somehow, seems to have far more influence in our legislature than a $2 mayor of 53,000 should. He held sway over four delegates in the House. And now it seems two, and perhaps three senators are doing his bidding. However, one could speculate that these senators are not doing Jones’ bidding, but are simply standing against your rights of their own will and accord. Either way, it’s a net loss for gun owners. So who’s the list standing against your rights today?

Danny Jones who advocated requiring insurance for firearms owners. Danny Jones who wants you to pay State Farm or Geico, perhaps, to exercise your fundamental right.

Herb Snyder stated he wanted to wait and see what the feds do. When he said this, an “assault weapon” and high capacity mag ban was on the table. It’s not difficult to infer that Herb Snyder wanted to wait and get his cues from Dianne Feinstein. This is not particularly shocking if one looks at Herb Snyder’s campaign donor list. He’s received thousands from states like California, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York. I suppose it’s no shock. But one does wonder who Herb Snyder represents. Does he represent the people of Jefferson and Berkeley counties, or the people of Orange County California? He even took a donation from “Manchin for West Virginia.” Birds of a feather, I suppose….

Corey Palumbo has stated he simply “doesn’t like it.” At least Palumbo is direct. He’s flatly and directly told his district that he stands against their rights.

Jeff Kessler. Senator Kessler has been quite silent on these issues. But Senator Kessler is the President of the Senate, and holds enormous power over his caucus. His inaction can be read in two ways. The first inference is that he stands against you. And this is indeed possible, but we don’t know for sure. If we reject that, and accept that Senator Kessler is as pro gun as he says he is, we have to infer that his leadership over his caucus is weak. Either way, his district is extraordinarily pro gun. But his district is also fairly apathetic. At least, they will be apathetic until we show up educating the people of Senate District 2 on the political process, and how their liberties might die in Jeff Kessler’s Senate.

These are the few and the powerful who stand against you. Come out tomorrow and show your displeasure at the liberties of the many choked by the views of the few. Stand with us in Charleston or Charles Town.

If you can come out to support our freedom, please reply to this message or RSVP via either Facebook.

Charleston Facebook Event
Charles Town Facebook Event
Who Stands With You?

The NRA-ILA stands with you on HB2760.

“Earlier this month, we reported that Charleston Mayor Danny Jones seems to be doing the bidding for anti-gun extremist New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg by actively opposing House Bill 2760 that overwhelmingly passed in the state House by a 94-4 vote on March 11. Do not fall victim to his misleading rhetoric. HB 2760 is an important pro-gun reform….”

Read More Here

The Firearms Policy Coalition will be firing out a press release soon on HB2760, and have already created a support-and-email page on their site in support of the bill.

Many more stand with you. But we need to stand together tomorrow in the streets of Charleston and Charles Town. Snyder and Palumbo need to see that West Virginia will remember them standing between us and our liberty. And the real message is to Senator Kessler that we will wake his district up just like Charleston and Charles Town.

And we will. That is a promise.

Keith Morgan


West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

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