WVCDL-ALERT Update March 11, 2013

Preemption Passed the House!!

West Virginians, today, you hit a milestone more important than any since 1993 when the State of West Virginia went shall-issue for CCW permits. Today, the strongest gun bill I’ve seen since I moved back to West Virginia in 2000 passed the House of Delegates. HB2760 passed on a 94-4 vote. Delegates Poore, Skinner, Wells, and Guthrie both spoke in opposition of the bill, and voted against it.

It must be awful to be the last four of the Charleston Gazette and Danny Jones’ lapdogs left in the House of Delegates. But they vote they way they do because they believe it will keep them in office. Anti-gun, anti-liberty, all of them.

While four stood up against you, many more stood with you. Delegates Kump, Nelson, Butler, Ireland, Marcum, and Howe all spoke on our behalf, tearing apart Danny Jones’ weak, tired arguments about Detroit gun dealers. The lie is that gun dealers sell drugs in Charleston and buy guns to take back to big cities. As if they couldn’t sell drugs in Charleston then buy guns in every single city along interstates 64, 77, and 79 on their way through. These points and more were brought up on your behalf. And thanks to Delegate Josh Nelson (R-Boone) for introducing us in the session.

One delegate showed real political courage. Delegate Mark Hunt (D-Kanawha) stood up and took on these lies, even challenging the media. He even made a comment about how it’s generally considered unwise to pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel. Yet he did exactly that. Delegate Hunt is a Kanawha delegate who is subject in his district to the raging anti-gun drivel you’ve seen for the past week from the Gazette. Please send all of these delegates your thanks for speaking on your behalf! Their email addresses:

Hunt: mhunt@markahunt.com
Kump: larry.kump@wvhouse.gov
Nelson: joshua.nelson@wvhouse.gov
Butler: jim.butler@wvhouse.gov
Ireland: woody.ireland@wvhouse.gov
Marcum: justin.marcum@wvhouse.gov

And by the way, if you live in Kanawha, feel free to send messages to Poor, Skinner, Wells, and Guthrie telling them how you feel for attempting to trample your liberty.

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